Folly Noorderzon


Folly for the Noorderzonfestval Groningen (NL)

“A park landscaped in English style, such as the Noorderplantsoen, should certainly contain a folly. Such bizarre products of the imagination without a tangible function were highly popular in Romantic times and in the days of English landscaped parks.

The design duo Huting and De Hoop have designed a similar type of exceptional park construction for the Noorderzon – a modern folly for a modern park. Although this folly does not have a particular function, it does have a use. Whether you sit in it or climb in it, come and discover the possibilities of this unique construction and let you and your imagination be transported.” (text: CBK)

Material: steel and multiplex
Dimensions: b 4 x d 5 x h 4.8 m
Constituent: CBK, Groningen

In 2007 the Folly is moved to the Elsweg in Noordwolde, Friesland (NL) to become a beacon for a housing project. The folly is still there.